Does whatever an Iron Man can

Posted in film by deflowerd on May 5, 2008

I review Iron Man

I saw Iron Man the other day, and it was pretty cool. While it is definitely not worth the high 90% -plus grade on Rotten Tomatoes, it was definitely one of the better superhero movies I have ever seen. I liked the fact that it went down a Batman Begins route; not just in terms of storyline, but in terms of presentation. Iron Man is fairly realistic. We know the military can build stuff like the Iron Man suit, but we know it costs a lot of money.

Enter insanely rich weapons dealer Tony Stark. And enter Robert Downey Jr., one of my favourite actors (see A Scanner Darkly, see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

RDJr carries this motherfucker, and he carries it with ease. Incredibly talented, this man is. Funny and charismatic, but also able to pull off being the tough guy – in a rockstar kind of way. Props to Jeff Bridges, too. The Dude has the same kind of gritty charisma that RDJr has, and they both performed
excellently in Iron Man. Gwyneth was a great Pepper Potts (not being a comic fan, I must say wtf to that name choice), but Terrence Howard was underused as Tony Stark’s army man friend.

More wit than hit, this is a superhero film where the action did not dominate. Maybe I am used to expecting insane ADD quick-cut explosion-drenched action scenes, but for me the action – or lack thereof – was Iron Man‘s main drawback.

However, it provided an afternoon of solid entertainment, and I recommend it for casual viewers and hardxcore comic fans alike.



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