Live And Let Die

Posted in film by deflowerd on June 10, 2008

Live Free or Die Hard was a huge movie, an action-packed blockbuster that heralded the return of John McClane to the silver screen. Somehow I missed it at the theatres, but last week I finally sat down and watched this baby

It was the first time I’d ever seen a Die Hard movie – I was raised on arthouse cinema and sci fi and hadn’t had time to check out the action flicks of the 90s I missed – so I was coming into the series fresh-faced and unburdened by prior knowledge. I knew several things as a result of pop-culture osmosis; there will be explosions, there will be quips, and there will be Bruce Willis. I’m a big fan of Bruces, mostly because of The Fifth Element and 12 Monkeys which forced me to realise I like him, but also because I grew to appreciate his other work. So I was hoping that I’d at least enjoy his performance.

Anyway, Live Free or Die Hard is a movie about an aging cop who is sent to escort a young hacker (played by Justin Long, the Mac guy) to Some Police Place because of a possible hacker attack on Some Police Interwebs Division. When the aging cop goes to pick the kid up, Some Bad Dudes attack! Aging Cop defends Hacker Kid, and they escape together. At the same time, These Terrorist Dudes (lead by Timothy Olyphant) shut down most of America’s infrastructure, and everyone goes nuts. Aging Cop teams up with Hacker Kid and they try to save the day.

The plot of the movie is serviceable, the script is alright, the performances are good and the stunts are fucking mental. Bruce Willis is fun, and so is the film. If you’re looking for cheap thrills and mild humour, Live Free or Die Hard is a good film to check out. If you and your friends enjoy sitting around with a few beers, adding your own commentary to a slightly ridiculous film ripe for mocking, Live Free or Die Hard is a good film to check out.



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