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Posted in film by deflowerd on August 16, 2008

So, The Dark Knight was amazing. But what’s next? What villains? What story? What title?

I’d like to see The Riddler; he’s one of the Batman villains that would fit into Nolan’s realistic version of Bats and his world. It’s been mentioned before, but it’s possible the Riddler has been cast – and was in TDK. The character was called Mr. Reese. Mysteries. The actor is not a big name (Joshua Harto), but is talented.

However, I like the idea of The Riddler being a detective helping the Police in the hunt for Batman, and Mr. Reese wasn’t a detective; he was an accountant, if I recall correctly. So who else could play The Riddler?

I’d like to see any of;

Paul Bettany (Was very deranged in Gangster No. 1)
Casey Affleck (Is hugely talented)
Jim Carrey (I recently watched Batman Forever and he was fucking shit in it, but so was everyone else. He’s done good work since then and I’d like to see him try again)

is also do-able. She should be more of a love interest/comrade than a villain, though. And you know what? I’d like to see Halle Berry have another try. She’s a good actress, and if anyone could get a good performance out of her as Catwoman, it’d be Nolan.

Having said that, I’d also be interested in seeing:

Angelina Jolie
Eva Green
Rachel Weiss
Charlize Theron

And the story? Batman’s journey from villain to hero, with a few bumps along the way. It deserves more brainpower than I have available at 5am on a Sunday morning, so I might expand on that later.

What do you think?


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