Australian Idol Recap (Audition Night 2)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music, television by deflowerd on August 25, 2008

We say goodbye to Melbourne and the MCG’s hallowed turf (if you mention the MCG you must use the phrase ‘hallowed turf’. It is law), and move on to Perth. The auditions are being held at… the yacht club. Say WAt? Hardly the MCG. Ah well.

The awkward tuba of poor singing plays in the background, introducing a ‘mental’ Azn lass with a weak voice and a penchant for 80s aerobics fashion. What a meh way to start off the night. Next up is a girl who cannot sing. Next! A montage of failures leads us into the first sob story of the night; a young lady who suffers from bipolar disorder. Mental illness is nothing to joke about, so I hope her voice isn’t hilariously bad. Hey whaddaya know, she’s pretty damn good.

Ooh, Marcia mentioned blogs! Bipolar lady, whose name escapes me, has a great voice and the judges are understandably cautious. Being thrust into the public eye and the media (Apparently this includes blogs. Woot.) can be very tough, but Bianca (thanks James) gets three yesses and makes it through to Sydney.

I lost interest for a few minutes, but regained some when Scottish mum Angela fronted up and sang for her supper. She had a kidlet at age 17, so she hasn’t really had a chance to follow her dreams. She sings, and she’s.. ok. She’d do ok at pub karaoke, but there’s no chance in hell that she’ll win this. Anyway, Dicko is a sentimental old bastard and he puts her through. She gives him a kiss and a hug, then moves on to Marcia to spread the love. Kyle said no to her going through, but he “gets one anyway”. It’s a sweet moment. I may have almost maybe smiled.

We then have a bad singer, and a few hot mamas.

Piano teacher Andrea Hadland (sp?) is the next lamb for the slaughter. Ouch. It sounds like she’s taken one too many compressed air-gun bolts to the noggin. Shear this puppy and send her out to pasture. Ugh. Anyway, the next girl is some crazy deluded freak who professes her love for Dicko several times. Girl can’t sing. On her way out, she asks Dicko to call her. I’m… I don’t even know where to start.

The next girl is called Jovana. She’s auditioned before, apparently. Kyle says that she was his favourite last time he saw her, but she ended up having “the voice of a dog being run over by a train.” I lol’d. She sings for a long time, and the judges let her go on. Eventually they’re forced to explain the situation; she just can’t sing. Marcia takes her away for a lil d&m, and it all seems pretty genuine and sad. Aww. Aaaand commercial!

We return with Dave the wrestler. He wrestles and shit. Anyway, Kyle challenges him. They tustle for a while, and finally Kyle gets pinned. They both end up completely breathless, and Kyle’s bodyguard cops some well-deserved criticism for standing idly by and giggling. Dave comes back after he’s regained his breath, and gives a pretty good audition – for a wrestler. They put him through, although he probably doesn’t really deserve the spot. This is a case of storytelling getting in the way of actual vocal talent. Aaaand commercial!

A guy who originally auditioned wearing a dinosaur suit has returned – this time with a tambourine! But no dinosaur suit. I’m disappointed. Yeaaah, he can’t sing. And now for a montage of losers. Yeah, they’re losers.

Ooh, kooky folksy Azn in a purple… ok, I’m calling it a beret. Her name is Ginger Sweet! Aw, her mumma abandoned her when she was little. Her grandparents and extended family raised her. She seems to have turned out alright, if a little… odd. But hey, I like odd. And she can sing. She has a strange strained tone thingy to her voice (can you tell I know nothing about singing?) but she sounded pretty cool. As Dicko said, she wasn’t perfect by a long shot but there is potential there. Her nickname (as if she needs one, her name is fricken Ginger Sweet) is Raggedy Anne.

Next up is some lame surfer jerk. Name? Brody. Lame. His dad uses some awesome football terminology to demonstrate his confused pride. Anyway, surfer dude can sing pretty well. And he’s only 16! Get in quick girls. Anyway, the judges like him and put him through to the big time. Dammit, how do I now like him? He must have some serious charisma. I can’t even tell you why I ended up liking him, that’s how likable he is.

That’s it for Perth! Coming up: blahblah other stuff blahblah and London omg!

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