Australian Idol Recap (Semi-Final 1)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 1, 2008

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the first live show of the year – the first semi-final of Australian Idol 2008.

Ricki-Lee is here, and she’s nervous. She stumbles over her words and yeahhh. She’s really not required, with James and Andy G doing a great job as usual.

Dicko makes an announcement; as well as a management deal and a recording contract, the winner will get a $200,000 grant. Nice.

First up is Chrislyn, singing Proud Mary. She starts alright, but when it gets all fast and stuff she kinda loses me. But she does well enough, and the song itself will probably carry her through. I agree with Kyle; she starts off stilted, and then she hit the big part and cruised through. But like she said, it’s not everyday you sing on tv.

Second rank off the cab, as Ricki would say, is Mitchell Steele. I think the song is called, ‘Life is a Highway’. I’ve never heard of it. He’s the cowboy, so … yep I think it’s a country song. He sings well enough for the most part, but when he goes for the big part he sounds totally off pitch (I think that’s the term?). That, combined with the song choice, may spell B-A-D for Mitchell. All the judges agree; he can do better, and they hope he gets the chance to prove it.

The next up is Jaden Something. Dowd? I think. Yeah, it’s Dowd. Oh! She was the girl wearing the Australian flag top at the London auditions. At one point, she wore a glittery headband. I can’t fault her there. In the flashbacks, her voice sounds kinda wobbly and weak. She’s singing ‘Finally’. And wearing a jumpsuit. And singing badly. And doing a weird squat-pump-dance. It’s… kind of amazing. Kyle’s comment is right on; her jumpsuit might have looked good on a model on a website, but just because midriff tops are in it doesn’t mean you’ll see him in one. The judges are pretty soft on her, but Dicko whips out a beauty at the end: “It was a bit ‘office piss-up’.” Totally.

Drazic from Heartbreak High is in that new cop show Rush. Believe It.

That bloody Frenchy is on next. Olly Corpse. If I could speak French, I’d be just as adorable as him. No, really. He’s singing a song called ‘Wonderful World’, I think. He starts off really shaky, but picks up in the pre-chorus bit. Eh, I dunno. He performs well, and I think with better song choice and less nerves he could be great. Dicko is right; he’s better when he’s a little intense.

Melbourne’s Nicole Banks – yeah, my sister saw her at the Top Arts exhibition once… she thinks – is on next. Her last couple of auditions fell pretty flat, so I’m hoping she picks up here and delivers something special. She totally reminds me of Nikki Webster. She looks nervous as hell. Ohh I hadn’t heard that final audition of hers, it sounds really good. She’s singing ‘Black & Gold’. She’s really solid and yeah I like her. Probably my favourite performance so far.

The next and final performer of the night is Wes Carr. Yep, you heard right. Mr. Beardface. He’s been nervous all day and he says he’s “ready to rock”. Oh, my dear Wesley. He’s doing that Foofies song, ‘Times Like These’. I kinda like that song, and he does an ok job. He kinda plays with the… I dunno. It sounds funny sometimes, but all-in-all it’s a good performance. As Kyle says, it’s a sample of his greatness. I… want to see more. Good job, Wesbo.

That’s it! My prediction for the 2 to make it through: Wes and Chrislyn.

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  1. Reality Raver said, on September 2, 2008 at 12:52 am

    Agree with you Wes and Chrislyn will be the ones through. The others I thought were ordinary.

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