Australian Idol Recap (Semi-Final 3)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 3, 2008

Oh god, I can’t wait until I only have to do this once or twice a week. Last night was pretty interesting; we had a lost voice, a sugary sweet quarter boyband, and a sheep shearer. We kick off this evening with the revelation of the next 2 contestants through to the top 12.

First….. Tom Williams! Yesss I predicted it. I am so good. I am so smart. S-M-R-T! Second person through is… Thanh Bui! Holy shit, I’m 4 for 4! Andy reminds us that the Wildcard show is still coming up, giving some of the contestants who didn’t make it through to the top 12 a second chance.

Anyway, the first singer for tonight will be Matt Purcell (?). He has a stupid beard and stupid long hair, but he’s a pretty good singer. He has the kinda voice that can sound totally shit if he’s too nervous. Ugh, he’s singing ‘Summertime’ by Thirsty Merc. It’s a really bad song choice. Like, shocking. I may be biased though. He doesn’t perform very well either. Ba bow!

Second is Sophie Patterson. Her face looks normal now – it was all red and freaky in London. Must’ve been that toxic London air. And nerves. She’s obviously nervous now, but the makeup has been laquered on. Sorry… I just have an obsession with this girls face. Ohhh she has red eyebrows. That explains everything. She’s doing a weird version of ‘Satisfaction’. It’s like a funny country salsa version. I don’t like it at all. She sings really well though; girl’s got a good voice. But yeah, weird version of what’s usually a dynamite song. DIcko says it was the standout performance of the series. I… dunno about that.

I missed Teale’s performance so… yeah. Apparently, Dicko thought he tripped up twice, vocally. Dicko says he needs to regard his performances as foreplay and Teale makes this hilarious alarmed face. Sweet. Marcia goes, “Ha cha cha cha!” Teale thinks he grows every time he gets on stage, and Andy says, “I think that’s what Dicko was talking about,” and it’s awesome. Andy, you’re too good for Idol.

Thirdly is Brooke Schubert. Uh, I mean fourthly. Damn… stuff. She’s a country music lovin’ lady. She’ll be singing ‘When Will I Be Loved?’ Her dress is the same colour as the set. Camoflage… I think she may be a ninja. K see the problem here is the song isn’t well known and doesn’t really sound very good. She sings really well but I just can’t connect to the song. I dunno. Again, she sings well but… Hmm. Dicko’s right; she is good… but she doesn’t lean heavily enough on either country or pop/rock. It’s too indifferent.

Fuck, I write a lot of shit.

Melbourne’s Mark Spano had a throat operation. That’s his thing; he had to overcome throat surgery. His voice is familiar… can’t quite place it. According to his t-shirt, he’s a Muse fan. Nice. Hope he does a Muse song! Nope, it’s some weird 80s song. Sorry, 80s people. Anyway, the judges love him. Especially Marcia. In her pants. So yeah, they like him a lot. But will Australia? Not sure.

I keep missing the end of each ad break because I’m glued to Tetris on Facebook. Aaaaanyway.

Lil’ Roshani is the final performer for tonight. She’s been pretty good so yeahhhh. I have a feeling that as long as she doesn’t screw up, she’ll be through to the top 12.  Ooh she’s doing Knock On Wood. Hmm, not enough horns in the arrangement for me, but hey, it’s a good ole Motown classic so I can’t really complain. Ok actually I really dislike how they’re doing the song. Miss Roshi sings pretty damn well, and she’s a cute girl so I think she’ll be going through.  The judges liked her.

We get a brief second look at tonight’s performances. On that… hmm. It’s tough. It’s a toss-up between Teale, Sophie and Roshani. But yeah, not a hugely impressive night. If i have to predict 2 – and I do – I’ll say Roshani and Teale. But I could be way off.

Goodnight, bitches!

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