Australian Idol Recap (Semi-Final 4)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 4, 2008

Woooooooo says the audience. Night 4; the final semi-final. We see the last batch of singers tonight, so buckle up and kick back.

Before we see tonight’s performers, we learn who makes it through from last night. First one through is… Mark Spano! My reign of prediction comes to an end. He’s certainly worthy though – great singer, great guy. Had a throat operation. So anyway, who’s next? Teale is, bitches! I have a feeling I didn’t predict him either. Maybe I did. Anyway, they’re the next 2 into the top 12. Woo!

Ricki-Lee is upstairs with Brisbane’s Irae Swanky. He actually got into the Top 100 a couple of years ago – the same year as Ricki-Lee. He has a son and stuff. Oh deary, he’s singing ‘Beautiful Soul’ by Jesse McArtney. He’s not singing very well. Shame that. Has a son and everything. You failed your son, Irae!

In the commercial break we see an advertisement for the weekend’s footy. I never knew Anthony Hudson was such a big fan of The Four Seasons.

Second rank off the cab is Kayla Vansadhgat. She’s also from Queensland, so… yeah, yuck. But then… beret. I hate her overall look though. It’s that really obnoxious faux-emo indie over-eyeshadowed… yeah I can’t really explain it. She starts off pretty shakily. It’s that “iiiiii loooooove youuu…. even when I’m sleeping” song, and it’s the kind of song you have to hit out of the ballpark or else it will expose you for the shitty shortstop that you are. Marcia agrees with me. Thanks, Marcia. Kyle picks her fashion style, but he likes it. Oh Kyle. Dicko sums her up; forgettable.

James Spago is thirdly. He’s the guy who’s doing this for his unborn baby. I really doubted he was gonna make it this far, so good on him. But then again, he did contradict me in public. Anyway! Oh his baby has been born, he’s 8 days old. Awwww baby. He’s doing ‘Chasing Cars’. Fun Fact: I’ve never listened to this song on purpose. His voice goes funny and he’s not projecting it very well. Or something. It’s odd. Dicko hits every nail on every head; predictable, musical valium. Marcia thought it was great song choice, but I totally disagree.

Who’s next? Brooke Addamo. She’s a Melbourne girl. Hooray for Melbourne! Reprezizzay. Hehe, she looks funny in her past auditions. She has a pretty magical voice. Magical. I can’t wait for her to get out there and perform. I bet she does some sappy ballad. Oh she’s doing ‘Foolish Games’.  Eh I already don’t like her. She gets a bit weird on the low notes but she’s killer on the high ones. Ok, not always. Ok she’s pretty shit, actually. I hate her! Hate is a strong word. Moving right along.

Johnny Taylor is a pretty cool name. Andy G notifies us that the wildcard round is on Sunday. Wicked. Umm yeah I don’t like this guy. He’s singing Hound Dog. By Elvis. An acoustic version. Ok not acoustic, but slow and stuff. Ohh it was just an intro. You win this round, Taylor. He does alright but I can’t see him getting into the top 12. It was just… odd.

Last but certainly not least is my homegirl Madam Parker. I looove accent. I do not love those sunglasses from her first audition. Music is like eeeeyah. She’s doing that ‘No one’ song that she did before. I’m not a big fan of it, to be honest. Not a Alicia Keys fan at all. Madam’s voice is far and away the best from tonight. I really like it, it’s kinda raspy but really soulful. Yeah, she’s one of my favourites for sure. She’ll be in the top 12. Can’t wait to see what else she sings down the track.

We see a recap of tonight’s performances (ps you’re just about finished reading one) and on second look, the standouts for me are… just Madam. So based on everything else, I’ll say the person who’ll be joining her in the top 12 will be…. revealed after this short break.

Yeah I think it’ll be Kayla.

Seeya Sunday!

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