Australian Idol Recap (Wildcard)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 7, 2008

Sooo I didn’t get to sit and watch this properly because it’s Father’s Day and I was hanging out with my father. My opinions of the contestants still stand; love Roshani and Nicole, dislike Sophie, Jonny, James etc. Unsure why Fat Brooke got a second chance. Unsure why Voice-Lost Brooke didn’t. Luke Dinkens is a cracker, but not the greatest singer, although I’d rather him through instead of heaaaaps of the others. Freaky Fringe has the strongest image, which is why she got a chance but I really don’t think she’s anything special.

On the off-chance that any of the contestants read this; it’s not personal. You all seem like great people, so don’t take this in a negative way – after all, who am I to give my opinion on reality tv contestants? I can’t sing for shiz. So if any contestants read this, feel free to drop me a comment like Hayley Corrigan from Adelaide did.

I’ll blog tomorrow night’s results episode in a more complete and proper manner. Seeya then!

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