Australian Idol Recap (Wildcard Results)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 8, 2008

Heyyy peeps. It’s Wildcard time. Draw Four! We recap last night’s performances and they’re still just as unimpressive as they were a day ago. Sophie really annoys me. She has massive audience support though (or maybe that was for Andrew G…).

The judges will choose the first 3 Wildcard performers who make it through to the Top 12 and heyy I had no idea that was happening. I guess I should have watched last night’s show from the start.

Ew so yeah I didn’t know who made it in from the night Madam Parker performed; I assumed she did, and she did. She did! Umm I’ll stop saying ‘she did’. Anyway the other one who made it through was Brooke, who sang Foolish Games really badly. Ugh. Me no likey. Just to clarify: I’m really glad Madam got through. She’s my favourite out of all the contestants like.. ever. Go Madam!

So! I’m clearly the most organised person ever, that’s a given. But are the judges?  Aaanyway. They talk to some of the contestants first; Freaky Fringe and Fatty Brooke are nervous.

Dicko dicks around, but the first contestant through is…. Roshani! Roshi’s World! Woo! Yeah, I think she deserves it. She sings that Alicia Keys song again, and damn girl; great song choice. It’s so very Idol.

There’s 3 spots left. Marcia makes some strange diamond analogy, but she ends up revealing the next person through; Luke Dinkens/Dickens! What the fizzle. He’s definitely a great guy, a great character, and should make for great tv, but is he a good enough singer? His performance suggests; maybe…? I’m very undecided.

One more judge-vote, one nation-vote left. That sounded alarmingly close to ‘One Nation’. And that reminds me of Pauline Wants A Husband. And now I have to clean up the vomit I just sprayed all over my MacBook. Thanks a lot, free association!

Axle Whitehead doesn’t show his balls. This time. There’s a lot of hanky-panky between the boys and Axle. It’s pretty great.

Who’s the next person who has music running through their veins? Jonny Taylor! Wtf? Seriously, wtf? I’m starting to think the judges are purposefully trying to piss off the Australian public. Luke and Jonny? They’ll be the first two out, surely. Jonny sings alright. He usually sings “alright” but he’s never blown me away.

One more singer left. Who got voted in by the public? I bet it will be stupid Sophie stupid-face. I honestly don’t know why I dislike her so much. I’m sure she’s very nice. I’m so confused. The last person into the Top 12 this year is… Sophie Mother-Freaking Patterson. Why? I don’t get it. As she performs, I remember why I don’t like her. Her voice is really obnoxious. Rar!

That’s all folks. Your top 12 have been found! You’ll have the opportunity to kick them to the curb over the next couple of months. I look forward to it with great relish. Seeya soon!

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