Australian Idol Recap (Top 12 Week One results)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 15, 2008

Jimbob begins by telling us there’ll be no more “after the break stuff”. Aw, the death of a tradition. Andy has the bottom 3 on cards in his pocket. Straight to business; who are they?

First up is… Jonny Taylor. Yep, picked that. He’s just not… appealing. The second person in the bottom 3 is… Sophie Patterson. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. The last person is… Teale. Wha? I… for once I kinda think the Australian public got it kinda right. Sophie had begun to grow on me, so I’m kinda torn on that one, but Jonny is not a surprise and Teale didn’t sing very well last night so yeah, I agree there.

Jonny gets up and performs that Pearl Jam song again, which is so dull I actually fell asleep during it. Twice. He kinda looks tired himself. He doesn’t really put much energy into his performances, or at least, he doesn’t appear to.

Sophie goes again. She has a good voice, really. She kinda screws up the high notes, buuut she does have a good voice so I hope she stays and becomes less annoying as time goes on. It’s just a very poor song choice. Song choice seems to be the theme here; first Jonny’s Pearl Jam, then Sophie’s Counting Crows, and now Teale’s… Um, I forget. Oh, it’s uh. ‘Walk Away, Renee’ or something.

Anyway, he sounds pretty bad and so does the song. Oh god, it’s that stupid mid-90s anthem. It’s just… why? You’re on a mainstream pop singing competition and it’s 2008, for god’s sake. How is anyone going to connect to this song, or even like it? Clearly they haven’t done either. Is that grammar ok? I don’t… Oh well.

Ricki-Lee is lurking backstage like a busty… something. I got distracted by the bust. What is her function, really? I can’t tell. We already have A & J…

Apparently Jordin Sparks, reigning American Idol, will be performing. I think I’ll have a coffee-break.

We see an interview with Jonny prior to last night’s show (I think?). He talks about his laid back, non-perky demeanor and how it may come across as boring. He says at least he’s being true to himself. Now, I’m not here to critique a person as a person. I’m critiquing singers in a singing competition. On that basis, Jonny fails.

Sophie wishes she had performed better last night, and not been so nervous. Teale defends his song choice, saying he had to pick his Idol and be true to that rather than pick a song that suited him vocally. James suggests he could have picked a song that showcased his talents more, which I totally agree with.

Viewers picked Chrislyn’s performance as being the best of the night, which is probably fair enough.

There’s a bit about house-sharing, which looks pretty fun I must admit. Wes shows some pool-crack and Mark shows some pool-gut. Unflatteringggg. We talk to Rosh and they show a slightly humorous package of footage about her pre-show routine, and then we hear from Thanh. Dicko clarifies his critique of Thanh; he chose an edgy pop-rock song and took the edge out of it. Stick with stuff that works, plz. End critique.

C’mon already with the results, dammit!

Blah blah blah.

Finally, the results. Who is safe? The first person that’s allowed back to the couch is… Sophie. Yep, probably the right result there.

Teale and Jonny. Jonny and Teale. Who’s going home? It’s Jonny Taylor. We see a little ‘best of’ thingy. He really wasn’t suited for this competition, as he’s said himself many times tonight. He’s singing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” as a farewell to the show. Bye bye Jonjon!

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