Australian Idol Recap (Aussie Hits night Results)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on September 29, 2008

Eeep I missed the start! Madam Parker is singing ‘Hook Me Up’, so I assume she’s in the bottom three. Oh what! I missed the other two too; Tom Williams and Teale JacamalenkoYouBeauty!

I think I predicted this? Oh I thought Sophie might have been lower than Madam, but that’s just my Madam-love shining through. Madam really picked a poor song. Kyle agrees with me. Dicko and Darren and Marcia all think Teale doesn’t deserve to go home. I disagree. I think he does, but I think Tom does moreso. Oh no. Vanessa Amarosi. Did anyone watch the Grand Final Footy Show? She was horrendous. Almost as bad as Kim Wilde.

James is talking to Madam in the losers lounge. Her grasp definitely exceeded her reach; stick to soul, mama! We learn that next week is ABBA week. Dear god. Kyle gives her some good advice; take the lyrics and imagine it was a song written for you, and do it your own way.

Teale is blah. Go away Teale. Some morons sitting behind Darren are being distracty, so Kyle gets up to block the view, and Darren says, “I don’t know if I’m comfortable with you behind me.” Gotta love the gay jokes. Coming from a gay.. man… Kyle isn’t.. don’t overthink it!

Tom gets screams from girls. I scream, “Get off my screen!” Screen-scream.

I lost interest for about 5 minutes. Anyway, apparently Wes’ performance was the best. I disagree. Just something about his voice and/or look that doesn’t appeal to me. I’m 100% sure that song choice is everything in this comp.

Vanessa Amarosi is smelly. What a boring song. Hahahaaaaaaaa she does that grunt-sing on a few words and she sounds like a big fat pig. She ends really badly too. Vote her out! Bottom 3! After the break the results are in. But before that… something about… oh, Dicko and Kyle are singing. I’m scared. At one point during the commercial break it sounds like someone says, ‘Ghost Chef’. I’m intrigued.

Ohhhh, Teale sung ‘Black Fingernails & Red Wine’. K. Anyway, Australia has voted. Who’s safe? Madam Parker! Phew. If she had been eliminated… I don’t even want to go there. Another ad break? Jeez! What else is on tv tonight… South Park. Mmm. Probably seen it already. Mighty Boosh? Season 3? Dear god no. Most disappointing season of television ever, quite possibly. It made me hate the previous 2 seasons, and I used to really like them. Might hit up YouTube for a bit of Top Design action. Oh and I can’t wait for the next episode of Survivor Gabon! Only what… 4 days to wait? C’mon.

I hate the Mazda/Oz Idol whistling ad. Hate.

So, it’s out of Tom and Teale. Dicko says that in this industry you have to be talented and popular and tonight we’ll see on what criteria Austrlia is basing their votes. Ooh. Good point. Kyle predicts that Tom’s fans will get him through, but Teale deserves it more. Leaving us tonight… Tom Williams. Phew. Good work Australia.¬† James keeps telling him it’s, “all over.” He hasn’t died, Jim!

Oh great, he’s singing ‘Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.’


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  1. Reality Raver said, on September 30, 2008 at 1:15 am

    It was time for Tom to go – totally out of his depth. But all three lack charisma. Yes Madam Parker can sing but if you cannot give out any signs of personality you just ain’t gonna make it.

  2. deflowerd said, on September 30, 2008 at 3:30 am

    Oh I think she has personality; I mean, everyone has a personality, some are just more quiet than others. It’s what I like most about her, the fact that she’s shy and not loud/over-the-top.

    But you’re right, in that the voting public will want to see a louder more open and outgoing Madam if she’s to win.

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