Australian Idol Recap (ABBA Night)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on October 5, 2008

I’m not a huge fan of ABBA. They’re silly and fun, but I really don’t like the fact that we’ve got a whole night devoted to them. What about a Beatles night, a Motown night, a 70s night? All of those would be better than an ABBA night, for jeez sakes.

Anyway, we’re stuck with it.

Chrislyn thought they were joking when they said they’d be having an ABBA night, so she’s clearly on my boat. She’s singing Mamma Mia, because she relates to the idea of heartbreak and always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. She starts with this back-to-the-camera hip wiggle thing and… yeah, I don’t mean to be mean, but she’s not pulling that off. She sings very well, as usual, but this performance is kinda silly. ABBA is stupid. If Chrislyn can’t make them sound good, no one can. Is there anyone this theme will actually benefit? Dicko thought it was cheesy and silly and doesn’t like how she’s dressed. Marcia says, “Make it the send-up that ABBA often becomes these days.” Kyle said it was fun and well-sung.

Sophie Paterson is doing ‘Gimme Gimme’, and she’s removed the piano stuff which I actually like. Hmph. From the rehearsal stuff it sounds like she’s breaking it down to an acoustic version. She has, and she’s doing that stupid singing that she always does. It’s so hard to describe, it’s like moan singing with a weird accent and slurred words. I don’t like it. I like the arrangement now, with some violins and stuff. If someone else was singing it wouldn’t be half bad, but it’s Sophie, so it sucks. The judges are generally positive, but Dicko critisises her lack of focus; the song is a booty call but she wasn’t really conveying that.

Thanh is doing The Winner Takes It All in a slow ballady style. An anthem thing. He’s playing the piano. He’s singing alright, better than he has before I think. I don’t really like him still, but he’s doing better. Huh, it’s over. I kept waiting for a big moment, but it never came. Kyle thought it was spot-on perfect, sincere, humble, great vocally, midget piano, stunningly wonderful. Dicko loved it. Marcia gave him a touchdown. Ew. Not worth it.

Roshani is doing Money Money Money. She thinks the judges will either hate it or love it. She’s ready for them to pull out the axe.  She’s dolled up all 40’s style. Very Chicago, as she said in the intro. Haha, she goes up to John Foreman and pulls out some cash front his back pocket. Nice. There’s just something about the whole thing that isn’t adding up, for me. I think it’s her voice. Very theatrical though. Dicko thought it was very fun a cabaret and she pulled it off. Kyle was worried about her corset, saying it was too big and we might have had to go to a Channel Ten logo. James says it might have had to be 2 Channel 10 logos. Heh.

Wes is doing Fernando. He has a guitar. He’s going ok, singing nicely and all that. It doesn’t really grab me, though.  Marcia thought he did very well, Kyle was wondering how Wes would go singing about a Spanish man, and Dicko thought it was great. Apparently Mark Spano is next, doing the song that broke ABBA around the world, especially in Australia. Oh God, not Waterloo?! Dancing Queen?

Yep, it’s Waterloo. He sounds pretty worried. He seems to be trusting what he’s worked on, and hoping for the best. It sounds pretty weird. I can’t really place it… it’s a dark 80s anthem mixed with an upbeat 90s rock song mixed with… I dunno. His voice is alright. Kyle probably hits it on the head; he didn’t want to do ABBA and he never committed to it. Dicko goes on a rant. Marcia says some confusing things. Mark says, “at least I didn’t stuff up Rock Week.” True. Oh yeah, and Kyle said that Mark forgot the words at one point, which I did not notice at all.

Dicko and Kyle dress up in tight spandex and it’s hilarious. It has to be seen to be believed.

Madam sounds pretty good in her rehearsals, which is lucky for her because she’s sucked lately. She starts pretty slow, and it’s kinda worrying. However, she gets a lot better, and hits some pretty nice notes. Her voice just sounds really… weak, at some points. Dicko thought she was a bit apprehensive, which was probably true. Kyle liked it, Marcia did too, but they all thought she should just grab the song by the balls and own it in future. Ricki-Lee does a weird Teale impersonation (I think?) and it’s dragalicious.

Weirdly, Teale has actually been excited about ABBA week, according to Andy G. He wants to give the song a funky groove. He’s stoked about ABBA, and that came from the horses mouth. Weird. He’s doing Thank You For The Music. The first line is, ‘I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bore.’ Word. Word to your mother. Marcia starts talking about someone named Rex. Kyle loves him. I don’t. Dicko asks him why he chose that song. Dicko doesn’t like it at all. Teale loves it, like heaps, like is defending it lots. He says he felt it was time to grab the guitar and whip it out, and I love the fact that Andrew G and James are just as immature as me, as Andy declares, “We’re just as glad that you decided to whip it out” or something similar.

Luke is the last singer for tonight, and he’s doing Knowing Me, Knowing You. This song will probably actually give him the chance to sing, rather than yell. Well… he sounds alright, but the arrangement doesn’t. It’s really dull. The whole thing is really dull, actually. I’m tipping bottom 3. Eh, maybe I’m being harsh. Kyle missed the “Ah Ha’s” so the band starts up again and they get the Ah Ha’s.  Dicko encourages him to explore the sweeter side of his voice, as he seems to hold back until the chorus of most songs.

Chrislyn was great, Sophie was stupid, Thanh was ok, Roshani was fun, Wes was alright, Mark was apathetic, Madam was alright, Teale was boring, Luke was pretty bad.

Bottom 3; Luke, Teale, Sophie.

Out: Luke.

Seeya tomorrow night, bitches!

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