Australian Idol Recap (ABBA night results)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on October 6, 2008

Hey, it’s results night!
So, Madam Parker is in the bottom 3. She sings Dancing Queen again and I have to say, she’s pretty good. Much better than a lot of last night’s performances and certainly an improvement over her own job.

Roshani is a loser too, and re-sings Money Money Money. She’s really quite good, so again, not sure why she’s in the bottom 3.

Ok so I missed the start and I didn’t know that Chrislyn was in the bottom 3. What. The. Fuck. She’s clearly the best singer in the competition. Clearly. What the fuck is going on here. I was banking on the third person being shit, because I do not want any of these 3 to go home. Seriously, what the fuckington.

I missed any of the judges comments, if they had any pre-sing, so yeah not sure how they reacted but they must have been confused/pissed. Oh ok, they’re talking to them now. They don’t seem too surprised, which is weird. Conspiracy!

Well this just sucks. I’m not going to be bothered recapping the mid-section of the show.

Oh, what the hell.

Ricki-Lee is curvy blah blah Metropolitan Railway Station stupid emo fuckers blah blah I forgot the words but I remembered who I am bleh.

James, slow down! You speak so fast your words blend together. Too much cocaine, my friend.

Holy shit, Metro Station are bad. They’re so so bad. Ouch. Embarrassingly bad in every way. That’s just… mm. Not good.

Anyway, the votes have been counted. This is ridiculous, none of these 3 should be going home. Who’s the first person safe? Roshani. Oh. What. So Madam is going home. Oh. Ok then. I… I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Oh well. Poor Madam, she tried her hardest. I assume.

And James reveals… Madam is going home. Awww.

Well, next week is Rock Week. Seeya then!

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