Australian Idol Recrap (Michael Jackson night)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music by deflowerd on November 2, 2008

Ow! Michael Jackson night! This should be good. He has an incredible back catalogue, so song choice will be a big factor. We open the night with a group rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough’, one of my favourite MJ songs. So funky. So fresh. Teale sings his bit, and sounds out of place and crappy, and I suddenly have hope that he’ll be eliminated this week. Jacko is too cool for Teale. Even Luke sounds better than him! I may be dancing in my seat.

Andy teases James’ outfit. He asks if he’s dealing cards at the casino later. I’ll pay that. Germaine Jackson is the guest judge and… hmm. I saw him as a guest on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and he was very quiet and not very humorous. I suppose he’s more in his element here, though.

Teale has chosen to do a different version of ‘Billie Jean’. It’s a slow version. And you’d have to assume it loses the killer bass riff that fucking makes the song. Teale, you suck. He starts and it’s shit and boring and go away Teale. How is this in any way better than the original? I’m playing the original right now and the contrast is like a… a big… a big… contrast. Dicko liked the fact that he did it in a way. Marcia liked it too. Germaine liked it as well. He was moved. Kyle was disappointed that he changed it up, but was convinced after a little while.

Mark is up next, and he’s singing ‘Bad’. Bad isn’t one of my favourites – in fact, I barely know it. I’m really interested to see how this goes. He starts singing really breathy and I get worried he may fall into the ‘impression’ pitfall. It goes… ok. I don’t like that breathy style, but he belts out the rest and it’s not too… um… bad. Both Marcia and Germaine like it, but Kyle opts for a bit of truth. Haha! He agrees with me. The breathy verses were crap, but the chorus was pretty good. Dicko agrees, but Germaine shoots them both down. Ow.

Chrislyn is doing Thriller (sidenote: Thriller was played over 10 times at my Halloween party. Love that Thriller) and Ricki-Lee asks if she will be doing the moves (sidenote: none of us knew the moves). Chrislyn declares that she doesn’t want to embarrass herself on national television, and as Ricki-Lee begins to bust a few Thriller moves Chrislyn adds, ‘Like you’re doing right now.’ Hehe.

We cut to the 10 most loved songs list, and it’s very boring and back to Chrislyn! Who is doing Thriller! For about 10 seconds, the camera is pointed at the backdrop. And Chrislyn is over near the band. And we can’t see her. Umm. She’s alright. Then she gets worse. And sometimes she isn’t singing into the mic. And it’s very scary, but not in a funky Thriller kind of way. Germaine was like,’You could have picked a better song, but you did it ok.’ Kyle was like,’It must have felt good, hearing that from a Jackson.’ And she was all,’yeah.’ Then he’s like.’You musn’t have heard what he said, then.’ Nice. But yeah, it really was a mixed performance.

Little Lukey Dickens is next, and he thought Michael Jackson was magic. He’s doing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, and has decided to blues it up a little. His performance begins with a bit of acoutic guitar and his voice, and it sounds… interesting. It’s not bad, but I just don’t think his voice is strong enough. Kyle and Marcia both liked it, as did Dicko. Germaine thought he handled and crafted the vocal dynamics really well. Or something.

The last performer is Wes. Hmm. No one has done Beat It, or Off The Wall, or Black Or White, or Man In The Mirror, or Rock With You. Shame. They should have had the Michael Jackson week much earlier on.

Anyway, back to Wes. He loves Mr Jackson, and he’s singing Black Or White. He starts singing, and he sounds pretty good. He actually sounds remarkably like Jacko. He is pretty impressive. And then he starts dancing. And it fucking rules. He even moonwalks. He gets a touchdown, and everyone loves him. Good on ‘im.

Hmm. After seeing that recap of the performances, I have to say that Luke, Teale and Chrislyn will be the bottom 3, and either Chrislyn or Luke will go. But I am praying that Teale goes.

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