Before The Game Before The Game

Posted in australian television, sport, television by deflowerd on August 23, 2008
This photo is really old. Seriously. Two of the five above are no longer on the show.

CAUTION: This photo is really old. Seriously. Two of the five above are no longer on the show.

Last night’s episode of Before The Game, Network Ten’s Saturday Night AFL-comedy gem, experienced what can only be described as ‘technical difficulties’. After going to a commercial break the show resumed, but didn’t move forwards; they re-aired the segment we’d just seen. I don’t just mean one particular interview or bit – they re-aired, in full, the entire third (i think?) segment of the show, from commercial break to commercial break. A solid 15 minutes. 15 minutes of fuck-up? What exactly was the reason for this? A slip-up in the control room? Surely they would have noticed.

If anyone knows what the hell happened, I’d love to know.

Heater in hot water

Posted in celeb, sport by deflowerd on August 5, 2008

Collingwood’s Heath Shaw smashed into 2 parked cars while drunk driving Sunday night. He told the football club that a non-Collingwood friend was in the car with him, but it has surfaced that in fact Alan Didak – a man familiar with off-frield troubles, having been involved with CBD murderer Christopher Hudson last year – was in the car with him. Collingwood has today released a statement declaring that both Heath and Alan will be suspended for the remainder of the year, including finals. Rhyce Shaw, Heath’s brother, has also been fined and suspended, as a result of drinking while injured.

This could not come at a worse time for the club, with the entire team down on form and their place in the finals hanging in the balance. Should they lose a game they’ll most likely drop out of the top 8. Do I think it was right to suspend them? Yes. Do I think the culture at the club has degenerated? Yes. They need to be harsher and more swift in their punishments as these incidents occur, making an example to the rest of the players.

Having said that, they may well have thrown away their chances at playing finals footy; Heath Shaw, Alan Didak and Rhyce Shaw are 3 of Collingwood’s best players, with Didak arguably the best in the side.

Word is that Didak will be traded. But who for? A high draft pick? Daniel Kerr? Will he even be traded? Only time will tell.