Australian Idol Recap… sorta (Audition Night 3)

Posted in australian idol, australian television, music, television by deflowerd on August 26, 2008

Sup y’all? I’ve gotta level with you; I kinda forgot to blog tonights episode. Therefore, tonights writins shall be truncated and un-elongated.

The Idol Auditions Tour Bus rolled on up to Brisvegas, and we met a whole buncha crazy. There were disbelievers, screamers, dreamers and beavers. Afros, fatties, costumes and tears. A few good singers, and a few bad singers. More bad than good. Ah well, cest la vie.

Secret Life of The Veronicas = taking topless photos

Posted in australian television, celeb by deflowerd on August 2, 2008

Apparently Jessica Modigliani or whatever her name is – one half of Australian pop twins The Veronicas – has taken some nudes, and somehow they’ve been leaked online. Everyone knows that the true path to fame and fortune is boobs, so I can’t fault her there.

Check em out here.

Sam Newman to come off air?

Posted in australian television, celeb by deflowerd on July 31, 2008

Last nights Footy Show may well have been Newman’s last. After a clip regarding the Tasmanian bid for their own AFL team was played, Sam made remarks concerning the female businesswoman featured. After declaring her worthy of coming onto the show, he not-quite under his breath muttered something along the lines of “and it’s worthy of coming on her”.

Having been suspended from the weekly sports/comedy show previously this year for making sexist remarks, one has to wonder how long Newman has left before his bosses give him his marching orders.