Josh Pyke’s chimney is afire Plus Other News

Posted in music, Uncategorized by deflowerd on December 18, 2008

Check out my review of Josh Pyke’s new album over at TheDwarf. It’s very… interesting.

In Other News

I’m running out of ideas for posts. Lately I’ve been writing a book, which is really fun. I’m playing with chronology and dreams, and it’s becoming something I’d really enjoy reading myself.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone actually regularly reads this blog. I get a fair amount of views every day, but hardly any comments.  So feel free to say hi, and offer any ideas or themes or anything really.

Oz Idol tonight plus news

Posted in australian television, music by deflowerd on October 5, 2008

I’ll be recapping tonight’s episode of Australian Idol, and I’ll be posting that as soon as the credits roll.

I started a new blog, Landslide, so add it to your bookmarks. It has a more formal style and a tighter focus. No gossip or recaps, just reviews, art and design, and literary criticism. I’m also looking for contributors so feel free to comment or email me in regards to that.

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He Am Legend?

Posted in film by deflowerd on December 28, 2007

My friends and I just watched I Am Legend. I am now going to review it. I think we’ve established the dynamic pretty well. So here we go…


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