Scrub Up

Posted in television by deflowerd on September 16, 2008

Latest Scrubs news, for all you Scrubaniacs (is that.. appropriate? i don’t know) out there in Scrubton Lower:

  • Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence will not do a 9th season, full stop.
  • Judy Reyes won’t either.
  • NBC won’t let any of the actors still working for them guest star in Scrubs 8th and potentially last season, because they’re assholes.
  • **SPOILER** The Janitor gets married in the Bahamas. No joke. ***END SPOILER***
  • Courtney Cox will be doing a few episodes in the upcoming 8th season. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing.

I have no idea when it’s coming back, but I’ve been following this show since the first episode and I just want it to get wrapped up nicely and neatly in a little package of sentimentality.

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