Physician, heal thyself. C’mon, it’s been 7 seasons already, heal thyself!

Posted in television by deflowerd on May 21, 2008

In semi-alright/moderately okay news for Scrubs fans, the creator Bill Lawrence (or ‘billy’ as John C. McGinley calls him) has spoken about the upcoming season – or seasons – of Scrubs and about ex-network NBC.


Things I’ve learned from comedic panel discussion/quiz shows

Posted in television by deflowerd on May 12, 2008
  • “fluffer” jokes are no longer funny
  • relevant guests (i.e. musicians on music quiz shows) are never as entertaining as irrelevant guests (comedians or regulars)
  • The Chaser works best when scripted
  • “APEC summit” jokes are no longer funny
  • the Brits do it better
  • jokes about death? always funny. They say he was a good actor but Heath Ledger’s last performance was a little hard to swallow. see?
  • ross noble makes everything at least 3 times better
  • i wonder if Heath Ledger’s suicide note was titled, “10 Things I Hate About Myself”?
  • ok now i’m just getting distracted…
  • one of the regular team captains is always either fat or bald. fact.
  • if one of the regular team captains is female, she is never very attractive, but never too ugly. if she is too ugly, she must be extremely funny and/or cynical.
  • it’s rumored that Heath Ledger might have actually died from alcohol poisoning….. a few too many cock sucking cowboys.

Fuzz Hard: With A Vengeance

Posted in film by deflowerd on January 6, 2008

Or OzBuzz Does Hot Fuzz

Tonight I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite films of recent times, Hot Fuzz. This brilliant, layered comedy comes from the writing team of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (who also stars), the duo who brought us Shaun Of The Dead. Wright directs Fuzz, as he did SOTD and the sitcom Spaced which also starred Pegg & Nick Frost. Frost is in Fuzz, too. Basically we’ve got a bit of a boys club of British comedy (Jessica Stevenson co-wrote Spaced, and had a cameo in SOTD, but is absent in Fuzz).