Josh Pyke’s chimney is afire Plus Other News

Posted in music, Uncategorized by deflowerd on December 18, 2008

Check out my review of Josh Pyke’s new album over at TheDwarf. It’s very… interesting.

In Other News

I’m running out of ideas for posts. Lately I’ve been writing a book, which is really fun. I’m playing with chronology and dreams, and it’s becoming something I’d really enjoy reading myself.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone actually regularly reads this blog. I get a fair amount of views every day, but hardly any comments.  So feel free to say hi, and offer any ideas or themes or anything really.

Scrub Up

Posted in television by deflowerd on September 16, 2008

Latest Scrubs news, for all you Scrubaniacs (is that.. appropriate? i don’t know) out there in Scrubton Lower:

  • Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence will not do a 9th season, full stop.
  • Judy Reyes won’t either.
  • NBC won’t let any of the actors still working for them guest star in Scrubs 8th and potentially last season, because they’re assholes.
  • **SPOILER** The Janitor gets married in the Bahamas. No joke. ***END SPOILER***
  • Courtney Cox will be doing a few episodes in the upcoming 8th season. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing.

I have no idea when it’s coming back, but I’ve been following this show since the first episode and I just want it to get wrapped up nicely and neatly in a little package of sentimentality.

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